We can board from single ceilings and walls to full houses, we re-board old damaged walls before skimming.

There are a number of different boards we can use for your individual needs. Whether it be using:

Sound-proofed boards –  for terraced houses and semi-detached houses to drown out the noise from your neighbours, to rooms that are used for loud musical instruments like drums to seal in the noise.

Thermal boards – these will provide insulation for listed buildings and old cottages/buildings with heating issues, cold rooms, larger properties with cold areas. Ideal for barn conversions, loft and garage conversions and properties with no cavities in the walls.

Cement boards – used in wet rooms and bathroom/en-suites to provide full protection from damp issues occuring.

Pink fire-proof boards – are used to slow down the speed of a fire spreading, giving an extra hour’s protection from the fire compared to normal plaster boards. Typically used on garage ceilings, ceilings, conservation work, flats, apartments and buildings with multiple rooms

Moisture boards – used in bathrooms, wet rooms and en-suites to prevent water damage. These boards are denser than normal plaster boards, so there is less chance of water damage, having said this, damp cannot be ruled-out entirely, for this cement boards would be better suited in some cases

Partition walls

By using timber lengths we can build partition walls to separate kitchen and dining areas, or to allow space for an en-suite to be built. Or maybe to turn a big room in to two, we use insulation within the timber to give better sound proofing and warmth before boarding with whatever board would suit the type of room then skim with multi finish to a high level of workmanship.