Horse Hair & Lime


Chambers Plastering specialise in an old plastering technique, called horse hair and lime.

This uses horse hair mixed with lime to create a key, normally used on wooden lattes already fixed to a wall, before mixing lime with horse hair again to complete the topcoat.

Horse hair and lime is a technique used on listed buildings, and dates back 300-400 years ago, typically this method is used on listed buildings to comply with regulations, and to stay in-keeping with the old decoration. The method can also be used on barn conversions and outhouses to give a very old feel and amazingly-different look to a project and home.

The product we use is already mixed rather than mixing the old way, this prevents any damage being caused whilst mixing the products, as you can imagine if you were to get lime on your skin it could be very painful.

We do however still use wooden trowels that were typically used in the 19th century; although plastic trowels can also be used.

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